Introduction to Scrum

Course Summary

This one-day Introduction to Scrum workshop covers Agile Software Development, with a focus on the Scrum Framework and working in teams.

The course is structure to answer the questions What, Why, and How: What is Agile? Why do we need to be Agile? How can we be Agile? Scrum, done properly, is one way to become Agile. We go beyond the roles, events, and artifacts of Scrum to understand the thinking behind Scrum, and how we can best use Scrum as a team in our organization.

The course is designed to be activity and discussion driven, with attendees forming groups of 4 people to learn what Agile and Scrum is. Each course is maximum 16 participants, and we recommend that the entire Scrum Team, with the support teams attend together to have a shared understanding and experience on Scrum.



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