Certified Scrum Product Owner® Course

28-29 November 2018, Makati City, Philippines

Course Description

Agile software development has become the most desirable way to achieve a "successful" project outcome. Rumours abound of receiving more output with the same "resources" by delivering using agile. This approach is being applied to client-vendor software engagements with the same expectation of more for less. Client-vendor arrangements tend to be more challenging but if you understand the concepts underlying an agile approach you'll be better prepared for the journey.

So what does taking an agile approach actually involve and why?

Scrum is the most popular agile approach in use today and this two-day Certified Scrum Product Owner® course provides an introduction, covering the what, how and especially the whys of using Scrum for product development; the theory as well as guidance on how to practice.

The course is structured around stories, group activities and dialogue and is suitable for anyone who wants a deep understanding of Scrum. This includes team members, product owners, scrum masters, business analyists, project managers, senior managers, functional managers, users and other stakeholders. The course is tailored towards the client's perspective of a client-vendor relationship.

The course is 2 days. The first day introduces us to the reasons why we want to deliver a product or service in small increments and how Scrum helps us do that using the product backlog. The second day leads us into how we work together to be able to deliver the most valuable product in small increments. Somewhere along, we will also expand our understanding to include common impacts to both client and vendor when using Scrum as well as implications for budgeting, contracts and other factors commonly not considered when making a decision to "go agile".

Having basic knowledge of Scrum is expected and some experience is preferred. At a minimum, suggested reading is the Scrum Guide.

We shall cover the following topics during this course:

About Stuart Turner

Stuart provides consulting, coaching and training services to individuals, teams and organisations wanting to continually learn and improve. He is dedicated to helping people be happy and has worked for startups and Global 100 companies in the UK before moving to Singapore in 2011. He has been writing and delivering software for over 20 years on products for low-latency financial investment trading, financial modelling, operational risk and 3D computer aided modeling.

Stuart recognizes the very survival of many organisations depends upon their ability to maintain adaptable and affordable software systems. An understanding of how this is possible, and how to transform organisations into self managing teams to accomplish it, is a particular focus for him. He has been a proponent of XP practices since 2001, when his best friend lent him a copy of 'Extreme Programming Explained'. More than a decade later, and with the experience of working in and helping transform teams and organisations, he continues to learn and to help others learn how to achieve their own goals.

Stuart's interest in understanding how people, teams and organisation work goes back a long way. He read Deming's 'Out of the Crisis' around 1990 and has spent much of the rest of his life learning and experiencing how to consciously improve practices and focus on what's important, not just what can be measured. His objective remains constant: to delight his clients, by helping them be able to delight their own.


The Peninsula Manila, Makati City, Philippines


The course fee is PHP 50,000.00 + VAT (if applicable)
20% off if attending as groups of 4 or more.


To register, please contact Ealden EscaƱan via email.