Certified Scrum Developer® Course

Course Summary

During this one-week Scrum Developer course, the participants shall get a feel of what it is like to be on a Scrum team. They will go through a one-week sprint in which they build a small application. The course is structured so that there are small lecture-introduction of practices. Of which, is immediately followed up by putting them into practice in the said application. This structure is as close to agile coaching as you can get within a one-week training.

The course is five days long, of which there is about 30% lecture and 70% exercise. The course covers Scrum practices such as Sprint Planning, Backlog Refinement, working as a team and a lot of technical practices such as Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Acceptance Test-Driven Development, and Refactoring. It also covers how to apply these practices in a legacy codebase situation.

Participants who are not Certified ScrumMasters® or Certified Scrum Product Owners® are required to attend the Introduction to Scrum workshop prior to participating in this class. Special rates shall apply.

The course shall use Java as the main technology. Though not required, it is recommended that participants have knowledge in such.

Participants completing this course shall be duly acknowledged as Certified Scrum Developers®.

Course Objective

The course covers:

Target Audience

This course is suitable for developers, especially using Java technology, who would like to learn and apply Scrum.


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