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Odd-e Philippines, or more formally, Odd-e PH, Inc. is part of the Odd-e network of companies located all over Asia. It is independently operated in the Philippines, mutually supported by its peer companies. We are a boutique company catering to high-end services with regard to Agile Software Development, Scrum, Lean/Kanban, Software Engineering, Product Development, and Organizational Management.

We aim to proliferate better approaches to software engineering, product development, and management of organizations in the country. We are in continuous pursuit of finding better ways of doing things and sharing them. As of the moment, we find that Agile Software Development, along with its family of methodologies, as well as related philosophies and approaches are good vehicles towards this goal.

We offer Scrum Alliance® endorsed and certified courses, including Certified ScrumMaster® course, Certified Scrum Product Owner® course, etc. See our courses page for more information. We also offer other Agile Software Development courses and software engineering workshops. We are open to creating customized courses for private and corporate setup.

Organizations can leverage on our experience and skills in Organization Management, Software Engineering, and Product Development as Agile Coaches or software development consultants.

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Odd-e was originally founded by Bas Vodde in 1999 in Amsterdam, Holland. At that time, Odd-e provided help in software development projects. In 2001, Bas moved to China, bringing Odd-e to Asia. After a few years, other Odd-e companies were formed in Japan, China, and Singapore. Eventually, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines became home to Odd-e companies as well.

Odd-e focuses on building products better and helping others to do so. People in Odd-e are chosen using the following guide:

  1. Be an expert in your domain
  2. Contribute to the greater community
  3. Improve the Art of Software Development
  4. We'll find you

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