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Mike Mallete

Mike Mallete

Mike Mallete is the first and only Certified Scrum Coach® in the Philippines and South East Asia. He is an experienced Agile coach, trainer, and international speaker. He has coached teams located in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia, from junior developers to senior management. He had trained hundreds of IT personnel of various Philippine-based and multinational companies in Agile Software Development principles, practices, and software engineering techniques.

He is also an experienced software developer for large-scale enterprise solutions using Java technologies. He had been involved with various open source projects starting early 2000's up to his most recent one, the Robotframework Maven Plugin.

He has been co-training Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, and Certified Scrum Developer courses since 2011. He is currently the only Filipino to be approved as Scrum Alliance REP Trainer. He has represented the Philippines by having speaking stints at Agile Alliance and Agile Tour conferences.

Mike was formerly VP for Consulting Services at Orange and Bronze Software Labs, and Agile Coach and Software Engineer/Platform Architect for Sabre Airline Solutions.

You can get in touch with him via his email address,

Certified Scrum Coach


"During Q4 of 2013, Mike and Ealden helped us to strip away our remaining traditional approaches and find our Agile core. Especially Mike's executive-level advice and ideas were invaluable to the progress we made. I can (and do) recommend their top-notch service to anyone!"

Caspar Oostendorp
Co-Founder & General Manager

"Mike is key to our Scrum Adoption. Without his help and continued guidance, we could not have gone this far."

Richard Salcedo
Development Manager
Smart Communications, Inc.

"Michael was assigned to our team as an agile coach. He helped us to make sure we were working as efficiently as possible and to identify troublespots. I can safely recommend Michael, he greatly contributed to our success."

Ben Szymanski
Software Development Manager
Sabre Polska

"One of the toughest jobs he had was to be an agile ambassador to the other functional groups within the company. Although extremely frustrating at times, he would always help with repeated trainings, consultative calls, meetings, etc. to help bridge the gap between the development team, and the other groups that are still too used to doing things the old way."

Kiko Basilio
Program Head
NIIT Technologies Philippines, Inc.

"Michael is a very passionate, dedicated, hands on Platform Architect with some fantastic (proven) understanding of modern development processes."

Yoann Trouillet
Principal Software Architect

Ealden Escañan

Ealden Escañan

Ealden Escañan is an Agile practitioner with a strong background in software development. His work in Odd-e helps companies adopt Agile and bring value to their clients and stakeholders. He focuses on working with teams and enabling organizational agility, especially on a technical level, through continuous integration, test driven development, and dealing with technical debt.

Prior to joining Odd-e, Ealden was involved in startups focused on IT consultancy and training, and was instrumental in adopting Agile, specifically Scrum and Extreme programming, both in these startups and their clients. These clients include corporate and startup organizations in diverse industries, from telecommunications, logistics, up to health, and life insurance.

You can get in touch with him via his email address,


"Ealden knows his stuff, and is very quick to pick up new things. He's always on the lookout for learning opportunities and ways of improving his knowledge."

Dean Berris
Technical Solutions Engineer

"Ealden is one of the most competent people I've had the pleasure of working with. He is knowledgeable in a wide range of technologies and always works to keep himself abreast of the latest trends and innovations in our profession. He is also hard-working, dependable and possesses an outstanding work ethic."

Wayne See
Software Developer